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Staff Only: Tools and Resources

A guide to help teachers and staff to login to the various library tools and resources

Library Books to Support SEL Competencies




Social and Cultural Competence

Nurturing Relationships

Purposeful Action

I know myself I seek wellbeing I see differences as strengths I build strong relationships I act on what I've learned

Embedded Concepts



Self Confidence

Positive Self-regard

Growth Mindset

Body image

Embedded Concepts

Stress Management

Transition management

Resilience, efficacy

Positive Self Talk

•When to get adult help

Personal Safety

•Child Protection

Mental Health

Emotion Self-Regulation


Goal Setting

Healthy Choices

Embedded Concepts


•Listening Skills



Tolerance, respect

Cultural Differences


Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation

Power, privilege




Embedded Concepts

Bodily Autonomy


Communication skills


Conflict Resolution

Peer Pressure


•Digital Citizenship

Deconstructing negative media messages

Embedded Concepts

•Application of other 4 domains


Ethics, integrity

Service-learning Cycle

Power dynamics



Healthy systems


SEL Working Documents

Institute For Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL)

Responsive Classrooms

Responsive Classroom Strategies 

This article highlights the THREE R's of logical consequences to assist with responsive classroom strategies that are effective with students:  Respectful, Relevant, and Realistic. 

ISB Counselors

Adverse Childhood Experiences 

Follow-up information from our in-service session on trauma:  

What are ACE's? How Do They Relate to Toxic Stress?  

Helping Traumatized Children Learn-Trauma Sensitive Schools 

Center for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

Center for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Resources 

The Center for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has compiled a list of resources linked here, which are designed to support parents, educators, and anyone who works with children.

The SEL resources are divided into sections: 

  • Distance Learning,
  • Self-Care Strategies,
  • Supporting Staff and Virtual Teams,
  • Talking to Children about COVID-19,

as well as an abundance of other relevant subtopics and information that can help to support the ISB Community.

Please peruse the resources at your leisure and choose one or more sections to focus on that may be of personal interest or those that you would like to share with your teams or families.