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Panda Book Awards

Steering Committee Members 2020-2021


Shortlists Proofreaders 

Younger Readers


Rebecca Taylor - International School of Beijing 

Suzanne McKemey - Beijing City International School

Carolyn Jeziorski - American International School of Guangzhou

Middle Readers


Paul Wong -  International School of Beijing 

Heather Wright - Beanstalk International Bilingual School

Linnea Simon - International School of Tianjin

Julie Patterson - Avenues School

Older Readers


Jess Levitt - International School of Beijing 

Nadine Bailey - Western Academy of Beijing

Shannon Babiak - International School of Tianjin

Gabriella Reyes - Beijing City International School

Mature Readers


John Lemley - International School of Beijing 

Jodie Walker - United World College

Social Media 

Jess Levitt - International School of Beijing

Kimbra Power - Shanghai American School (Pudong)

Panda LibGuides Organizers

Bec Taylor - International School of Beijing

John Lemley - International School of Beijing


Posters and Bookmarks


Panda Scrolls for Winning Authors and Voting Survey Coordinator

John Byrne - Western Academy of Beijing


Committee Chair and Contact Person

Bec Taylor - International School of Beijing