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Panda Book Awards

How Are Books Chosen?


“The Panda Book Award is an annual literary promotion celebrated across China and the world. Titles in this award celebrate new authors and illustrators from across the globe whose creations focus on the values of social justice, inclusion and diversity. An additional focus of the award is to shine a spotlight on Asia, and China in particular.” 

For the school year 2021-2022, the longlist selection criteria for all categories are listed below.  

  • Published in 2020 or newer 

  • Focus on an aspect of social justice, inclusion or diversity (see below for more details) 

  • Author or creator must be relatively new to the Chinese/American market  

The following three criteria are “nice to have’s” and will be addressed by shortlist judges: 

  • Titles available on Sora are preferred 

  • Titles that are available in Chinese translation would be excellent 

  • Title must not already have won a literary award (as of December 2021)